A step-by-step guidance on making the most delicious and nutritious Artisan Sourdough Bread.

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Discover everything you need to know about Sourdough.

You will learn how to craft naturally leavened breads from the comfort of your kitchen! You will learn how to create and care  for your own sourdough starter. You will learn different methods and techniques  used by artisan bakers to make the best bread. 

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Why Sourdough?

Sourdough bread is the proper, traditional way of making bread. It is easily digestible even for individuals with gluten sensitivity. When we make bread using sourdough starter (also known as wild yeast or sourdough culture), the grain unlocks its nutrients and becomes easily accessible for our bodies to break down.

Sourdough bread tastes infinitely better, has better texture and has much lower glycemic index. 

How to make a basic sourdough bread

What is this Sourdough course about?

This course is an online version of the in-person workshop that I hold every week at the local health food store in Chico, CA.

When I post pictures on Facebook, many people ask if I have online classes. Not everybody can attend a live in-person class but everyone desires to learn how to make a healthy loaf of sourdough bread. 🙂

What You Will Learn:

More reasons to join the course:


Ready to bake the best bread of all?


Here are some happy students who are blessing their families and friends with homemade yummy sourdough bread. Join in the fun!

The best time to start baking is now!

Chico Enterprise-Record by Camille Von Kaenel

People staying at home to limit the spread of the coronavirus have been increasingly turning to baking — and one Chico baker is sharing her sourdough starter for free to help get them started.

Altynai Stauss, who teaches classes with her business Alty’s Kitchen and bakes at Country Morning Bakery and Cafe, posted about her offer on Facebook over the weekend.

“I have so much sourdough starter at home, and I thought, I’d rather just give it to people,” she said.

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